[thechat] google+

Mohan Arun marun2 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 2 01:26:41 CDT 2011

I started using it yesterday, and I must say I like the overall feel of it.
The one thing I like, that is not in facebook, is you can add friends
to your 'following' circle without them needing to 'approve' you first...
you can just start following them by adding them to your 'following' circle
then You can hear whatever they say "Public".

I think this gives rise to the concept of 'extra social network (ability
to get updates from people outside your network).

Facebook calls it 'Like' google calls it "+1" in google lingo.

I think they turned off the invites mechanism for now I logged in today
and I dont see any invites.

- Mohan

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