[thechat] Kaori?!

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Mon Jul 11 09:08:10 CDT 2011

Hi Gang,

I was wallowing around in the digital stew, noshing on tasty back-article tidbits over at Boing Boing over the weekend and this caught my eye.

Kaori the Nurse:

Now *that* is deliciously macabre.  What is it?  A children's doll?  An action figure?  A creepy collectable?  I dunno.  But I love the hat!  And that pokeman-critter chainsaw is simply adorable!  Very "girly"!  Dang.  I wish I could get one of those at Home Depot.  That would let me fit right in with the swamp logger crew, right?

She seems to be quite the collectable too!  Apparently she came out for about $70 and sold out.  No longer being made today, people seem to be asking $500 to $800 on eBay!  So, unfortunately, I won't be picking up a bushel basket of these and mailing them out to people with little "saw this - thought of you" notes!   ;-P

I woulda put the link up on fb, but I have some extended family in nursing school and I don't want them to think I was punking on them.  I'm not.  Okay.  It is something I _might_ do ... but this time I'm not.

I just thought it was cool.


Hmmm.  The figure seems to originate from a 1998 manga called Pure Trance.  (English edition published in 2005.)  Oh Hey!  Looks like you can read it online at managafox!  Cool!  Ooops.  Oh my.  I'm guessing NSFW. (Heck, I'm guessing possibly NSFAnywhereElseEither.) Sorry.  Riding one too many shiny rainbows.

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