[thechat] Trouble Ticketing

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 08:36:04 CST 2011

> Sounds like a -thelist- issue to me!

You have accused me of sending a thelist to the chat.

Unfortunately I am guilt as accused. I would ask for forgiveness, but
I don't think anyone is upset ;)

Was a mistake anyhow.

> As a *thechat* response I would suggest piping soothing music over the intercom, adding more Prozac to the water cooler and maybe some aromatherapy (freshly baked cinnamon rolls work pretty well) ... together that should mellow out the work force enough so they don't feel like entering trouble tickets anymore ... cuz it's all a perception issue anyway.

I don't like cinnamon and anyway, how much more weight can I really put on? ;)


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