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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Fri Feb 1 13:37:56 CST 2013

Joel Canfield postulated:

>>We could talk about guitars, if you wanna rouse the beasties.


I got a link a month or two ago to what looks to be a clearinghouse for Chinese factory overruns ... maybe.  All kinds of interestingly shady deals; fancy sunglasses with and without brand logos, fancy running shoes, carbon fiber bicycle frames, sub-$20 iPods w/o official boxes or packaging ... it's an amazing place to browse.

... including incredibly low priced "Gibson" (and other 'brand name') guitars, signature editions with signatures, numbered limited editions with numbers, many that even have "Made in U.S.A." burned into the back of the headstock.

Yeah.  I know it's wrong ... but the prospect of getting a multi-thousand dollar guitar for under $300 can be very tempting!


(I've been afraid to look so I can't say if they have a 'Precision' or 'Alembic' Bass or not.)

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