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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Tue Feb 5 16:53:00 CST 2013

erik mattheis told another great guitar story!

>>One of the best guitar stories I've heard is how a college friend got
>>his vintage Gibson. 
>>"I got to be straight up with you,man. It's missing a few strings." 
>>When he went to check it out, it was a 60's Les Paul. 

Wow.  Great story.  That is hilarious!  I love it.  At least it's now in a good home now where it will be played and appreciated.

Heh.  That reminds me.   I get VERY strange looks whenever I casually mention that I let my grandchildren bang away on my vintage "burst" Gibson.  

Okay.  Okay.  I get lots of very strange looks other times too.      ;-)

It's a late 60's "B-25 3/4".  A 3/4 size acoustic.  Still runs the original (crappy) Kluson tuners.  But after 45 years of 'mellowing' she has unbelievable tone!  Everybody laughs when I bring her out and they see how small she is.  But once she start singing they all start asking how much I want for her.  After they try playing her they give up and hand her back saying "I can't play this.  My fingers are too big!"  Fun little guitars.  But not worth big bucks.  I think these sell for around $500 these days.  Me?  I got her new!  I think she was $125 back in the day.

I think 3/4s are fun because you have to put the absolutely lightest gauge strings you can possibly find on them ... which also lets you bend the crap out of notes.  Which is not something ordinary humans normally get to do on your average acoustic.   Big Fun!


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