[thechat] Music Information Retrieval for Dance Identification

S.M.German smgerman at comcast.net
Sun Apr 28 21:32:15 CDT 2013


I'm fixing to make an application or service to tell folks what dance they
should do to the song playing.  (I.E. rhumba, samba, foxtrot, etc.)  It will
work similar to Shazam or Sound Hound, but rather than identify the song and
artist by comparison to a database of known songs, it will decide the
appropriate dance by detecting tempo and rhythm.

I've found a good deal of work on detecting tempo and beats-per-minute
(BPM)--both existing applications and open source libraries.  I have not
found much on getting rhythm and syncopation, and nothing on dance

Has anyone here worked music information retrieval, or know anyone in that
field I might ask some questions?  

I'm hoping my failure to find existing software in this area is due to a
lack of demand or deficiency in my searching skills, not because the problem
is intractable.



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