[thechat] Music Information Retrieval for Dance Identification

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Tue Apr 30 11:27:05 CDT 2013

S.M.German noted he was working on ...

>>an application or service to tell folks what dance they
>>should do to the song playing.  (I.E. rhumba, samba, foxtrot, etc.)  

Hi Sean!

I have no idea if there is any demand for such a thing or not ... but that is one seriously cool question!     ;-)

One odd area to look for information on this would be in the science and study of brain disorders.  There have been a number of people, (including Che Guevara), that have a condition known as rhythm deafness.  This is a form of amusia.  Che might, for example, have danced a mambo while the orchestra played a tango.  Because this is a defined disorder there must be ways to test for it.  That would lead me to suspect that there might be some defined standards somewhere.

Good luck hunting and please let us know what you turn up in your investigation,

(Who is currently re-reading Oliver Sacks "Musicophilia" which deals with brain disorders that impact music and music perception.)

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