[thechat] Cloudy Collaboration Apps

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Wed Jul 2 08:37:32 CDT 2014

Matt Warden noted that:

>Most of these providers can integrate or synchronize with your directory service or SSO. Regarding ownership, I have not personally reviewed the terms and conditions

>are you saying that the content is owned by Google? 

Hi Matt,

No.  I wasn't worried about Google taking my corporate content.  (Although I probably should have been interested enough to at least read the T&Cs.)

I was more interested in 'orphan' content.  An employee sets up a share.  It's widely used.  The employee leaves the company.  What happens to the share, the information on the share,  and to the people relying on the share?  I suspect it may depend upon how that share was established.

I haven't tried it.  (Maybe I can do that the next rainy day or something.)  But I was thinking that some sales guy or buyer could set up multiple business and personal shares for dealing with different commodities or regions or groups of customers ... but grant themselves 'social' rights to move content freely among them all because s/he  has to administrate them all.  When that person leaves the company ... they leave a mess behind.  And I'm thinking that some of this content gets 'orphaned', some of these customers / applications get 'abandoned', etc.

I suspect things work 'reasonably well' in a well-disciplined environment where everyone follows the rules. [1]  I'm thinking of an environment down the road where new individuals are brought onboard without the training the first wave of users received ... so discipline and procedures break down ... and wondering how much "fun" it's going to be to clean up afterwards.


[1] Unless, of course, the rules are stupid or people hit situations unaccounted for by "the rules". E.g.
	- Company A policy says their content may only be on shares they 'control'.
	- Company B policy says their content may only be on shares they 'control'.
	- Employee at Company A needs to share content with employee at Company B.

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