[thechat] Cloudy Collaboration Apps

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Wed Jul 2 08:57:02 CDT 2014

Judah McAuley noted:

>>I use Google Apps and they have SSO and federation for authentication (OpenID, OAuth, SAML) and also have an API to manage provisioning, LDAP sync, reporting, etc.

Hi Judah,

Cool!  Let's say you run a company that sells medical equipment to hospitals.  One of your employees, (A), uses your home-grown app to provision a Google drive and share product manuals, tech notes and updates with a client hospital.   Another of your employees, (B), uses their personal Google app account to share product information, manuals, and tech updates, and who knows what else ...  to a different hospital.

What happens when (A) leaves your company?

What happens when (B) leaves your company?

How seamless is the experience for the customers?   That's more the line I was following.  I'm not so worried about the tech side.  I was more interested in the business process side.  If the employer shuts down the drive when A leaves the company, then the customer loses access to information they may need.  But if an employer can't shut down access when B leaves the company will they be liable for that customer not receiving an important update/notice/recall?  

(who mostly thinks 'cloudiness' is the latest retirement plan for litigation lawyers)

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