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Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Mon Jul 14 17:54:28 CDT 2014

On 7/14/14, 7:39 AM, Luther, Ron wrote:

> So perhaps
> 'cloudiness' may be an area where the disciplined mindset of
> regulated industries to insure that those safeguards and separations
> are in place might be beneficial.

> I still have concerns about the potential cloudiness impact in less
> regulated industries.  And with the various dynamics that can come
> into play.  A conglomerate with multiple 'siloes' could easily find
> that each division has chosen to use a different cloudy service ...
> and they will have customers who attempt to deal with multiple
> divisions.  In that environment, there will be a 'helpful' service
> tech or salesperson who consolidates that information, in yet another
> place, to satisfy a customer request for a 'single point of contact'.

That right there, to me, represents the real problem -- that happens
over and over because an "Information Technology" (sic) organization
abrogates its responsibility to *deliver value to the company* by
*providing access to information*.

Of course, that also means that that organization loses any chance to
enact the "safeguards and separations" when frustrated employees start
screen-scraping or finding back-door access to second-hand ad-hoc data

If a company does not provide a canonical single-source-of-truth for
all the data people need to make the company succeed - it'll wind up
awash in a sea of exactly what you describe:

> Let me try a simpler angle.  Am I the only one who runs into internal
> link rot?  I can't tell you how many internal share points, share
> drives, and websites get orphaned during every blessed corporate
> re-org.

Don't get me started - "re-orgs": TOOL OF SATAN :-)

But seriously - every large (and medium) company "IT" organization
I've ever seen has been modeled on Dilbert's "Mordac, Preventer of
Information Services". So meh. Much sadz.

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