[Theforum] isaac's proposal

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Mon Oct 22 17:38:01 CDT 2001

>here's one:
>A future for evolt.org

I don't know how to articulate exactly, but the lack of any sort of 
unified steering group is disconcerting to me.  I am accustomed to 
working in situations where there is a single group or rotating 
members (BoD or exec committee) -- a core group at the helm, everyone 
in certain roles.

And meetings.

It seems odd to establish a BOD and at the same time make them only 
marginally relevant.

>The consensus is that we have a lean BoD restricted to handling 
>legal and financial stuff, but not one that slows down community 

Financial stuff and "community progress" are linked.  And "community 
progress" can be defined many ways.  Bigger not always better.  The 
bigger they come the bigger they fall.  Or something like that.

The looseness of this proposal is troublesome.  For example:
>I'd suggest that we work on establishing a voting membership.

How?  Who decides?  How do things get done?  How do we piggyback?

What is wrong with the current structure?  Why couldn't we work 
within the bylaws already accepted?

Could it be that a "real" nonprofit cannot operate this way?  That we 
need to have physical proximity of some sort?


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