[Theforum] Whoa, people.

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Tue Oct 23 07:19:45 CDT 2001

> From: "John Handelaar" <john at userfrenzy.com>
> You haven't, any of you, yet explained:

thanks for the reminder, john, i get a little ahead of myself 
sometimes... let me give you the short-short, first...

> 1   Why there's a burning need to formalise evolt into
>     an unvirtual organisation

back in march, many of the admins met in austin to go over where 
we'd like to see evolt.org go... dan cody had a vision that he 
presented to us that involved formalizing evolt into a legal entity... 

> 2   Why a 501c is the way to go

the not-for-profit would enable evolt to get donations (hardware, 
software, etc.) from corps, and even reward some of us who donate 
our time by writing it off... it would also give evolt a real legal status 
to start pushing other endeavors which included everything from 
training to sponsorships to nice back-up systems, etc...

> 3   Why it's imperative to establish the group in the
>     United States (especially given the astounding level
>     of bureaucracy involved compared to, for example, 
>     the UK)

that was a function of:
- the sheer amount of US-based admins...
- dan cody taking it on as his project...

down the road, the plan was to incorporate in other countries, with 
the UK (i believe) being first on that list... canada and australia 
were up there, too...

> ...or a great number of other things.  But those'll do
> for starters.

no problem, ask more...

> Basically, please bear in mind that
> 4   Not everyone is a member of Admin and

can-do... it'll be hard since i tend to forget that pretty easily, so 
feel free to stop me along the way...

> 5   <extremely provocative>Those who aren't won't ever be.</ep>

that's actually not at all true... a lot of current admins weren't 
original admins... we've had admins come and go... the selection 
process has been  highly informal, but we're looking at ways to 
open that up, as well...

keep the questions coming...

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