[Theforum] Whoa, people.

Javier Velasco [mantruc] javier at msm.cl
Tue Oct 23 07:36:00 CDT 2001

John Handelaar wrote:
> You haven't, any of you, yet explained:
> 1   Why there's a burning need to formalise evolt into
>     an unvirtual organisation

we've been working for over a year the posibbility of formalising
evolt into a NFP organization, for two main reasons:

- enable us to recieve -tax deductible- corporate donations
> 2   Why a 501c is the way to go

i don't know what a 501c is :(

> 3   Why it's imperative to establish the group in the
>     United States (especially given the astounding level
>     of bureaucracy involved compared to, for example,
>     the UK)

i don't know why...

> ...or a great number of other things.  But those'll do
> for starters.
> Basically, please bear in mind that
> 4   Not everyone is a member of Admin and

you're right, but we'll get to know our ways along the path

> 5   <extremely provocative>Those who aren't won't ever be.</ep>

i don't understand that "provocation"

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