[Theforum] isaac's proposal

Javier Velasco [mantruc] javier at msm.cl
Tue Oct 23 07:46:39 CDT 2001

isaac wrote:

> > <q>I'd suggest that we work on establishing a voting membership.</q>

+1 (our code for "i agree")

> > How?  Who decides?  How do things get done?  How do we piggyback?
> Database of registered members. We start with what we have now (this list).
> Members are admitted by a vote from existing members (as mentioned in my
> proposal).

i think this will be one of our basic decisions: how to establish the 
voting membership. 

Although the method of admitting members from vote by existing members 
has worked and is apropriate for admin, and it's the best way to 
protect the community from being taken over by a mass of pimple-faced 
haXors, it is not "Democracy" as we have said to want evolt to be lead 
by it's members (all of them).

i prefer that - as proposed by martin - the right to vote is gained by
participation in the community, and this participation is ruled by 
the founding principles of the community, clearly stated (thing we have 
to nail down)

we would probably have to design a system to measure participation
or refine the cubes thingie

> I don't understand your reference to "piggybacking".

i don't either

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