[Theforum] Charter Gaps

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Tue Oct 23 11:56:08 CDT 2001

Some of this info is in the bylaws.

Anyway, I think we need an Evolt attorney to help out.

I believe that Dan is the only one who has worked on the draft charter so far.

I think that a group of people should work on these things, if we're 
going to have them.  Perhaps we are that group.


>Hi Gang,
>I took a very very very quick peek at the draft evolt charter.
>I'm pretty sure there is a lot of stuff that needs to be added ... if
>you want that 501C.
>It's not "interesting" stuff ... but I'm pretty sure if we want the
>legal standing as an NFP we need to spell out a whole lot of "boring"
>stuff ... the officers, their duties, their responsibilities, their
>'term in office', how they can step down - including how the now-vacant
>seat will be filled, how they can be forcibly removed - (and reasons for
>that ... malfeasance, neglect of duties, appearing on the cover of 'Sex
>with Sheep' monthly) .... quorums for holding BoD meetings and/or
>'general assembly' meetings ... pluralities for passing 'general junk',
>for changing bylaws, for ammending the charter ...
>... all those kinds of 'Roberts Rules of Order' stuff probably need to
>be nailed down - in writing ... to do this thing right.
>My 2c,


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