[Theforum] Re: Charter Gaps

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Tue Oct 23 22:38:28 CDT 2001

On Tue, 23 Oct 2001, Erika Meyer wrote:

> There is no mechanism in this list (Theforum) to make a formal 
> decision about reimbursing Dan, at least none that I can see.  OTOH, 

thanks for pointing that out. do you have constructive suggestions for
mechanisms or merely observations about things that may not yet be

> we could start an informal collection perhaps.  For example, we could 
> donate to Dan's PayPal account, if that would be helpful.  Dan could 
> provide a copy of the bill and we could all pass the hat...


Dan is not asking for monetary reembursment. Frankly, i'd use it on
evolt servers and the next beervolt. this is a pretty small issue in the
greater sense of things :)
> In any case I think many of us would be willing to help spread the 
> burden out in whatever way we can, whether through an official 
> reimbursing via BoD or by "passing the hat."  I'd prefer the former 
> but will gladly participate in the latter.
> Whether or not Dan is reimbursed for previous legal costs, and how, 
> should have no effect on whether Evolt wants or needs legal counsel 
> in the future.  That's a separate issue.

little tip, before you run out getting a lawyer, it'd be a good idea to
decide what you're running to that lawyer to for.
> As for the "consultant" issue, many of us have worked as staff and 
> BoD for other nonprofit organizations including (but not limited to) 
> me, Martin, and RonL.  IOW, several of us have experience in this 
> area. We are sharing what we know.  "Free" consulting is part of what 
> Evolt is about.

yes, several of us have experience. it's not limited to those who've
worked in this type of enviornment though


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