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aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 24 00:35:56 CDT 2001

> From: "Warden, Matt" <mwarden at mattwarden.com>
> aardvark wrote:
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> as for reimbursing him right now, no... i don't have the money, nor do
> i want to have us even worry about that right now...
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> No on'es talking about now.

good... because i think doing it now would be less than ideal... the 
ability for the NFP to do that, once formed, is just more attractive 
(from a tax perspective) to dan and the NFP...

i'd say we hold on to that idea until we have an entity that can 
make that reimbursement... and that same entity will also probably 
reimburse anyone else who ponies up monies for this process, 

i guess i just felt that was all assumed...

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> if you feel that's a sticking point, so be it, but i don't see how
> that keeps us from doing what we're doing here
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> The relevance is quite simple...
> Guy pays money to learn how to set up NFP. Guy does so. NFP falls
> through. Upon second try, others, rather than learning themselves, use
> Guy as consultant.

um, as has been said, many people here have experience doing 
this... this will be my third NFP board, and i have one for-profit 
board, too... conceptually, none of this is new to many of us, we're 
also acting as consultants...

> That's ok, but now Dan has paid $$$ so that he could devote unpaid
> time to pass on that information.

and i am also devoting unpaid time... i know dan has put a lot of 
time into this, but if you want me to start tracking my time at my 
hourly rates, i think you'll find my numbers for these past two 
weeks alone could buy me a new car... that probably applies to 
you, too...

> As for why we have to talk about this now... well... I guess it kind
> of decides whether we need to get a suit or not, eh? Personally, I
> think that'd be a *good idea* either way.

we'll have to get a suit no matter what, but the more we can solidify 
how and what we want to do, the less time we'll need the suit for 
(hence, less $$ needed)...

> and, have you written up a list of what we can and cannot worry about
> right now? Obviously I've hit on one of the items in the "do not worry
> about" column of this list...

no, there is no list, but i think trying to get a hard answer on how 
and when we'll reimburse dan opens up a whole lot of other 
questions that we can't answer until we have an idea on the 
structure... for instance, wouldn't it be better to do that from the 
NFP?  is there a reason it can't wait?  if we're also going to 
reimburse him for time, aren't we opening a can of worms by 
implying his time has value and ours doesn't?

yeah, monies are *very* important, and we should take care of our 
own (as far as reimbursing), but i'm not handing out money right 
now, and dicussing that topic doesn't address the overall issue of 
how to structure evolt -- and that very structure will probably answer 
the whole money issue anyway...

it's just a little cart before the horse right now...

> anyways, the point is that, to me, this is very relevant and decides
> how we proceed. let's try to respect that. remember, this isn't
> admin...

i guess i'm missing something here... i'm just not seeing how 
tabling reimbursement (not just for dan) prevents us from 

if anyone else thinks i'm being daft, please speak up...

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