[Theforum] Re: Charter Gaps

Hugh Blair hblair at hotfootmail.com
Wed Oct 24 00:57:30 CDT 2001

> /me smaks garrett, miriam, jeremy, john, hugh, mark, ron and scott. wake
> up :)

LOL - OK, I'm awake.

Quick feedback: I don't feel qualified to voice an opinion about too much
about evolt's future needs & directions.  I guess it's a result of several

1- I tend not to +1 a lot.  My silence is usually my assent.
2- When I read something that I disagree about, I *do* pop up in the 
   conversation if I think I can contribute and that my voice will
   possibly change some minds.
3- What I've read over the last months about evolt's possible future
   sounds good.  I've not heard anything that I'd oppose.
4- I feel more of the crowd, not part of the leadership. I try real
   hard not to take on responsibility unless I'm sure I can deliver.

My possible contributions to this group are limited by my work & 
travel situation (average 21 day/month in a hotel).  That said, I'd 
hope that anyone would still put out a call or a specific request for 
help - to me and/or the list(s), whenever assistance is needed.  Of
course that should extend to the taking over of some responsibility.
Those that currently haul the enormous load are greatly appreciated,
but I'm sure they'd (at least sometimes) like to pass part of that
load off to others.

Just ask.  In my case, this week my resources might be time, next
week the only resources I have may be $$.  And of course, some weeks
will be a black hole.  

But I'm listening & thinking.  I'll pop up when/if I have something
that I feel will contribute to the Greater Good(tm).


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