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isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Wed Oct 24 02:05:57 CDT 2001


> So I'd like to ask what the process is for selecting admins.

As has been said, the majority of current admins started evolt.org. Some
left due to various committments. Others have remained "admins", but become
very quiet/inactive (again, various committments).

At times, we've identified people who seem enthusiastic and knowledgable on
thelist and approached them.

What we've never done (but should) is identify more of what the group does,
and encourage volunteers. As Dan has said many times, we want everyone to
feel the buzz that admins have always received when seeing someone new
expressing their appreciation for something we've all built. All that is
needed by existing members is trust that you have the interests of evolt.org
in mind.

It requires time/effort, but "serving" as an admin is a privilege, and it'd
be cool for any who wants to experience that, to do so. I think that
"recycling" admins would help that.

"admin" as it stands has two functions: direction and administration. I feel
that we've taken a step towards making theforum our place for direction.
Many "quiet" admins may have only remained as such because they wanted to
have a say in evolt.org's future. With this split to produce theforum, I
hope that many current admins without the time to assist with administrative
junk, will jump aboard theforum, and leave the admin group so that fresh and
enthusiastic evolters can have a go at running the day-to-day operations of
the community.

There is another list (TOTC) which serves as "thechat" for founding/admin
members. It's where we share personal stuff that is, well, too personal for


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