[Theforum] Re: what's this list for? (was: Charter Gaps)

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 24 00:44:01 CDT 2001

> From: "Warden, Matt" <mwarden at mattwarden.com>
> rudy wrote:
> >my understanding of what this list is for is to get consensus from
> >the general evolt membership 
> [...]
> >i don't think a critique of the way the board is currently structured
> >or the wording of the bylaws is where we should start off
> You mean get concensus on what we already have? That wasn't my
> understanding at all.
> adrian:
> "we could, of course, create a new, public list and get everyone's
> feedback, instead of just trotting out the final product for approval"
> IOW, we use this list as a discussion of what we should do rather than
> an approval of what we've already done (of course, if they're the same
> thing...).

i hate being quoted out of context... was that from dan's blog?  and pre-
formation of this list?

anyway, rudy said "get consensus," not "get concensus on what we 
already have" as you paraphrase it... he even says that starting with what 
we have is not his ideal, which you left in his quote...

so, actually, you, rudy, and i are all on the same page...

> So, taking a step back might not be productive, but I think it's a
> good idea. IMO, the members should have been involved in this since
> the beginning. But, also IMO, I don't think we can expect top-notch
> results when we refuse to let non-admins get a peek at "that side" of
> evolt (by opening up the admin archives or allowing them to handle
> article editing and approval/denial, etc.). Like I said to Michele,
> it'd be like you handing me a pen&paper the first day I came on to
> admin and saying "draft evolt's future". Without letting people get a
> feel for how shit works currently, I don't think you can expect that
> what comes out of here 

i am going to pipe up publicly as an admin and say that i am categorically 
*not* in favor of opening up the admin archives to the public... i have enough 
personal messages in there that, until purged, were understood to be 
between friends on admin and i...

i would hope the membership here understands that in a small community, 
there is a lot of sharing, and some things are just a little too personal to be 
spidered with my name all over them and posted for the world to see...

heh... 'course, you could just cut all my posts, they were all crap anyway...

So, since there seems to be quite a bit of confusion about what
> exactly this list is for and what its objectives are, maybe adrian
> should clear that up (because I probably don't have the full picture
> either).

see above...

i really was trying to be concise on the sign-up page, perhaps i was too 

to paste:
"This list is in place to discuss the future of evolt.org. While formed to 
discuss the not-for-profit structure of evolt.org, it can be used to discuss 
anything addressing the long-term plans of evolt.org."

if not clear enough for anyone, please pipe up...

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