[Theforum] Re: Charter Gaps

Ron Dorman rwd at csi1st.net
Wed Oct 24 09:40:38 CDT 2001

> /me smaks garrett, miriam, jeremy, john, hugh, mark, ron and scott. wake
up :)

I'm awake (if working in your sleep counts as awake).

Been reading everything, letting it soak in a bit.  We seem to be a bit
anxious still.  I am hoping things will slow and calm some over the next 2
- 3 days.  I am hoping this happens so we can give serious thought to our
task and the future of evolt.  I am hoping we regain the original vision
and enhance it with our experiences to define and develope systems that
allow us to achieve the vision of evolt.

When I say systems, I mean ways to communicate better, methods to
administer the servers and sites, guidelines to follow, administrative
bodies to form, etc.  As we think about our task/s we should be aware that
we are carving out some new, refining existing and defining a better
future.  We are doing this for and, more importantly, with a community,
all users of evolt.

I think the vision and scope of evolt has been pretty well defined but
needs to be written and published, with very high visibility.  This will
provide the starting point, direction and path to be followed.  This, I
think should be priority one and should include feedback from the
community at large.

We then develope a system/s to support the vision.  Developing a good
system is the make/break of succesfull endeavors.  The system/s can be
very loose and free as open source development is.  They can be very tight
as would be needed in scientific research.  The vision of evolt will be
our overall guide to developing the system/s and will probably include
sub-systems of varying degrees of flexibilities.

We can use some existing systems, modify some existing systems, merge some
existing systems and make some new ones.  I believe we will eventually
define, design and develope a unique system that others can follow and

All this will take time and sincere, unselfish effort.  Maybe a good first
task list would be:
    a) Publish existing evolt vision and mission statement.
    b) Get feedback from all evolt on vision.
    c) Publish final evolt vision and mission statement
    d) Define system/s needed to support vision and mission statement
    e) Let groups assemble to develope needed system/s  (this allows all
        members to contribute in their area of expertise/interest)
    f) Implement, evaluate, refine.
    g) Repeat e and f indefinitely.

Ron D.

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