[Theforum] Barriers -- let's talk philosophically

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at compaq.com
Thu Oct 25 08:31:41 CDT 2001

Hi Amanda,

I'll bite!  (I didn't want to do any documentation this morning anyway!)

1. Sorry - I can't think of any non-trivial, non-chaotic systems with
'no barriers'.  Maybe somebody else has an example?

2. There are LOTS of different types of barriers: language,
socio-economic status, race, creed, political POV, physical, distance,
ability/skill level, intellectual, time, cultural/upbringing, age.

3. I think it's about as varied as there are people.  You can be angry
at being barred entry. You can accept the barrier.  You can use the
barred entry as inspiration to acquire the credentials for entry.  You
can give up and cry.  You can be pleased!

4. Nope.  [In fact, you can get two extremists together and get them to
argue that the same barrier is "positive" or "negative".]

5. Yeah - I think they do.  I don't think you have a "community" or a
"civilization" without [laws]/[social morays]/[rules of behavior].
Those kinds of things are set within a structured environment - which
usually means 'leaders' and 'non-leaders' ... 'haves' and 'have-nots'...
and there is a [barrier] defining those roles.  {I'd like to see an
example where this isn't the case - but I can't think of any ... even if
you go back to matriarchal gathering societies - there were still roles,
expectations, .... and social gaffs.}

Even in a 'round table' discussion, there are some that remain silent
and some that grab the markers, monopolize the white-board, and try to
lead ....


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Subject: [Theforum] Barriers -- let's talk philosophically

Here's a couple angles that I'd like to explore:
	1. What is an example of a no-barriers system? Are there any?
	2. What are some types of barriers to entry?
	3. How do people feel about or react to barriers?
	4. Are barriers always positive or always negative?
	5. How do communities and barriers go together? Do they?

Anyway, I'm hoping for a sort of round-table discussion that any of us
can participate in. 

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