[Theforum] charter/mission statement..

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Thu Oct 25 11:44:22 CDT 2001

.| From: Daniel J. Cody
.| BOD:
.| David Mccreath <- officially resigned

actually, no, he's still a BOD member, just resigned from admin.
that's my understanding at least.

.| exectuive officers:
.| Elfur Logadottir Secretary

i did resign, but am willing to hold the position until otherwise
decided ... if i get no objections for it.

.| > or should we just assume the submitted bylaws and board/executives 
.| > will be scrapped and start fresh?
.| this is my vote.

this is my vote in the long run, but i think we shouldn't scrap it until
we have another.

.| my grandma used to say, if you bake shitty cookies, don't 
.| make another batch adding a little more sugar or a little 
.| less flour. throw out the recipie and start from scratch 

your grandma is a smart woman.

.| she also used to say a woman should never leave the farm 
.| too. so take that as you will..

err ... i take it back :)


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