[Theforum] Framing the House?

spinhead evolt at spinhead.com
Thu Oct 25 12:13:46 CDT 2001

Why the decision to be non-profit? I'm not suggesting charging for
membership, but a self-sustaining system wouldn't be dependant on charity.
Is NFP status inherent in Evolt's modus operandi? If we went NFP now, and
decided to sell T-shirts or books or web hosting later, how painful is the

>From an accounting perspective (haven't been there a while, so I may be
wrong) bookkeeping for a non-profit org is trickier than for a profit-making
enterprise. Just another consideration.

As for opening up the 'steering' committee, I think it's an excellent chance
for folks who love Evolt to give something back. I also think that those who
created it, nurtured it, and grew with it would be in a special position to
perceive whose contributions would take it the right direction instead of
putting a fox in the henhouse.


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> there are two recent (i.e. 2001) developments at the heart of the
> turmoil -- the decision to make evolt a not-for-profit corporation, and
> decision to bring more non-original-admins into the running of evolt
> now, without considering the "how" of these two decisions, are they good?
> anybody disagree with them?  specific reasons why you disagree?   if you
> do, please speak up now
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> rudy

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