[Theforum] Framing the House?

Javier Velasco [mantruc] javier at msm.cl
Thu Oct 25 13:00:43 CDT 2001

rudy wrote:

> while i was writing this, ron made an excellent suggestion --
>     a) Publish existing evolt vision and mission statement.
>     b) Get feedback from all evolt on vision.
>     c) Publish final evolt vision and mission statement
>     d) Define system/s needed to support vision and mission statement
>     e) Let groups assemble to develop needed system/s  (this allows
>            all evolt members to contribute in their area of
>            expertise/interest)
> my only comment on the above is that d) and e) are really about "how" and
> that's where all the controversy seems to be
> anybody want to go ahead with a) through c) ?

if nobody has an urge to have it soon

it would be a honor for me

(awiting opinions)

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