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Fri Oct 26 04:34:17 CDT 2001

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The point of decisions is that until a decision is made, nothing

Right now, the existing state is that Admin runs things. If that
is to change, a concious decision is needed. This gives
theforum legitimacy and means that there is no later argument
over the matter.

In your mind, sure, the appropriate authority should be theforum.
But that's you - your vote is like anyone else's vote. You can't
*make* theforum the appropriate authority on your own.

So far we have agreed that there shall be a theforum list for
discussing the future of evolt.

Isaac has rightly proposed that Admin's authority (ie decision
making as well as discussion) be transferred there.

No-one's voted against it AFAIK, although there have been
requests for clarifications and some thinking is going into it -
which is right and proper for such a major change.

I don't see fear of theforum. I *do* see your fear of Admin, and
wonder why...


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Subject:  RE: [Admin] Re: dan?

IMO, and in my mind, the authority is on theforum. debate about it here if
you want. why the prob with dealing with these things openly?

why are X amount of people on admin afraid of theforum?


On Fri, 26 Oct 2001, isaac wrote:
> see martin's comment. progress will occur when the current authority
> that authority on. i feel that the current authority is aware of possible
> situations should that not occur (see MJ/evolt.org formation).

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