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Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Fri Oct 26 04:58:23 CDT 2001

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.| Just want to point something out that might be relevant. 
.| Alot of people were not aware that admin existed.

heh, but it should be easy enough for them to figure that out ... 

within the faq section is an article with the title "who runs evolt.org"

and there within is the following paragraph:
"However, as with any organization, there is a group of people who must
harness all the great work of evolt.org's members and we do so by having
our own mailing list to churn through all the day-to-day operations that
a swank site like evolt.org entails. The evolt.org admin team is a
volunteer group of web professionals who contribute their ideas to
setting directions for evolt.org. "

but you're right, not everyone knows.


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