[Theforum] RE: [Admin] Re: dan?

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Fri Oct 26 05:08:18 CDT 2001

.| From: theforum-admin at lists.evolt.org 
.| [mailto:theforum-admin at lists.evolt.org] On Behalf Of Daniel J. Cody
.| IMO, and in my mind, the authority is on theforum. debate 
.| about it here if you want. why the prob with dealing with 
.| these things openly?

and this is your opinion ... which you have every right to have, however
my opinion is that we (admin) need to make that decision to move the
authority over to theforum. I'm all for the transform, and i haven't
noticed anyone being against it ... it's just a matter of discussion and
decision and some different shades of grey ...

.| why are X amount of people on admin afraid of theforum?

could you be more specific as to who you think are afraid of theforum?
'cause the caution some admins have been expressing hasn't felt like
fear to me.

why do you have the urge to publicly air incorrect innuendos totally out
of context?

looking forward to the line-by-line response.


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