[Theforum] next steps

Emily Christensen em at members.evolt.org
Fri Oct 26 07:42:44 CDT 2001

So, I've been thinking about logical next steps here. Ron wrote:

>>I proposed that our first task should be to refine and publish our vision
and mission statement and make it very obvious on the site.  This would help
all who wanted to get involved know where we are going.  This would also
help in the discussions on the forum about how best to get there.<<

I absolutely agree that this is something we need to do soon, if not first.

I wonder if it might be advantageous to first make a list of evolt's current
projects: things we're doing with the site, with meo, with incorporating,

At the same time, we could make a pipe dream list -- "someday/maybe" stuff.
evolt.org classes/conferences. An evolt cruise (grin). Evolt branded beer.
Doesn't have to be entirely serious, but our pipe dreams should fit in with
what we perceive evolt's mission to be.

I think it might be easier to write/rewrite a mission statement after we
have all this down. Because fundamentally, evolt is what we're doing -- it's
not a concept.

Of course, we could do statement first, list later. Or statement, list,
re-evaluate statement. But whichever way we do it, I think it would be good
to be able to look at all the "parts" of evolt in one place. And it would
give us an excuse to do some dreaming ... always a good thing(tm) in my

Just my humble (ha) opinion.


p.s. Elfur, thanks for the start on a reworked mission statement.

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