[Theforum] Barriers -- let's talk philosophically

Scott Dexter sgd at ti3.com
Fri Oct 26 09:04:19 CDT 2001

> Just want to point something out that might be relevant. Alot 
> of people
> were not aware that admin existed.

which, I think is a Good Thing, with respect to thelist and general
discussion amongst the community. While I don't know the original
impetus about keeping Admin hush-hush, I see the merits in it: It
represents a level playing field (if only psychologically) in the group
forum that doesn't discourage participation-- "Oh, an Admin responded, I
guess that's the final answer, Regis" ... so we've only (publicly)
flashed the badges at times to nudge people about off-topic posts and

I see our processes today an earnest attempt to remove that veil (or at
the least formalize it, I don't see "I'm an admin" in my sig's future),
and organize ourselves into a lean, mean, fighting machine, which at
this point in evolt's growth, I also agree with =)

(Adrian has such a monopoly on ellipses, I have to use commas and dashes
and semi-colons. ugh)

requisite history: I was a regular joe for a year before I was asked to
join Admin. It was outta the blue, and I figgered, "hell, why not." I
support initiatives to cycle admins that are responsible for day-to-day
shiznit. Good for evolt (mmm, fresh meat), good for admin (getting
shiznit done), good for those rotating in (hands on, and there ain't
nuthin like it), good for those rotating out of active duty (Life is,
afterall, Life)....

so anyhoo. I'm an Admin. It ain't no thang...


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