[Theforum] Barriers -- let's talk philosophically

Javier Velasco [mantruc] javier at msm.cl
Fri Oct 26 10:32:25 CDT 2001

"A. Erickson" wrote:

> To bring this back to evolt -- any barriers to entry that we set up
> should be those that people can aspire to cross and *can* cross with due
> diligence. Setting up these systems so that they are accessible to the
> right people (those with due diligence) will be important and I think
> should guide many of our structure building.

nicely put, i agree
and it should be loudly published 

> **Historical sidenote and tiny soapbox** I don't think anyone has ever
> asked to join admin beyond the initial group of people (please correct
> me if I'm wrong). I really do feel that if anyone had asked to join
> admin that the admin group would have really seriously considered having
> them in. It would say a lot about a person if they did that. As it
> happened, though, subsequent admin members were sort of hand-picked
> based on their participation, their skill and know-how and their
> overarching interest. Which, frankly, worked quite well and probably
> would have continued to work just fine. 

i agree, if anyone had asked to join admin it would have probably been
accepted right away. however it's clear that nobody -ever- suspected
that could be the case (the possibility to ask in), those who knew of
the existence of admin seem to have felt it like an obscure, closed
group :(

> However, if we want to be more
> open and that sounds like our goal then any barriers that we put up will
> need to be very carefully constructed.

again, clearly constructed and *clearly published*

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