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Javier Velasco [mantruc] javier at msm.cl
Fri Oct 26 10:41:32 CDT 2001

Emily Christensen wrote:

> I don't think discussions about denied articles or suspending people from
> thelist should be public. Of course some articles we deny are spam, but
> others are written by evolt members who are genuinely trying to contribute
> something but their article was denied for some valid reason (very badly
> written, factual errors, etc.). I know that if I wrote up something for the
> site that was denied, and I could check the admin archive and read, "this
> isn't high enough quality" or whatever, I'd be upset. It wouldn't be fair.
> It's one thing for me to receive an email from an admin that says (in
> effect), "thanks, but no thanks." It's another for that email to be copied
> to every single evolt member.

again, nicely expressed

i don't think they should be public either

> I would also be concerned that articles that are merely so-so would be
> published just to avoid hurting feelings or drawing criticism.

right, too

> *On the size of admin:

> Maybe this would work okay if there were different groups of people who did
> different things -- a dozen who answer emails, another dozen who edit
> articles. I dunno, but I do think having an admin group of an unlimited size
> could be trouble. I'd much rather see a smaller group. Maybe rotation is the
> answer.

agree, separating duties could benefit processes
> For the record, for the moment I'm with isaac on merging theforum and admin.
> It doesn't make sense to me.

me too

if we shifted all admin duties here, it would become a big mess,
improving nothing

i like the idea of making work groups for articles, mail alerts, coding,
servers, steering - refreshing the members of the daily taks groups
would improve their energy (it would require clear guidelines)

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