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Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Sun Oct 28 13:06:59 CST 2001

mantruc wrote on 28/10/01 4:32 pm

>hi, this is a document i found in my backups while revisiting the
>evolt.org statement, it's a series of drafts, dated [Jan 9, 1999]
>thought i'd share...

Javier, that's fantastic - it says a lot of stuff which I was reaching
for in the Admin code of conduct proposal I put out last week.

Edited highlights where the 2 correlate are below


(oh, hi all btw)

>We are a community of web developers who believe in the importance of
>maintaining this net free for all the people.  Each one of us comes from
>a different cultural background and has different area of skill, we
>believe that this diversity is our main strength.


>medium is giving us the chance to establish better forms of human
>communication and association.


>we understand that cooperation is the most
>effective and productive kind of human relationship (working relations

>revalue the importance of cooperation and
>honesty among
>human beings


>We seek to establish a respectful treat among members, we understand
>that we
>belong to different cultures, this is our main strength, 


>Different point of views can coexist and collaborate, thus we will not
>offensive treat or violent conduct among associates.


>*people, ideas and visons*, and not technology, as the true backbone/
>of the web, leaves no limits for the web evolution, except our

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