[Theforum] Re: A vote, (was: purpose of theforum)

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Mon Oct 29 04:33:15 CST 2001

.| Warden, Matt wrote on 29/10/01 12:36 am
.| moving this to theforum, since that's where it should be...

no it shouldn't.
not to mention the way you chose to do it ... once again taking things
out of context and making it seem like there's going to be a consensus
to leave the community out of any decision making in running the

the discussion on admin is whether to move the steering power over here.
most admins have already aired their opinion and most have been
POSITIVE, have been rather approving than not.

but things are still being discussed. and what you did doesn't help the
discussion. please don't do this.

lets finish the discussion, make the decision and then hand over the
lets even do it in the proper place for it.


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