[Theforum] Rambling, was: Barriers -- let's talk philosophically

A. Erickson amanda at gawow.com
Mon Oct 29 12:29:02 CST 2001


I think I'm not the only one wishing that we had done our questionaire.
It's not too late for that. It was an idea that we had many, many, many
months ago in response to someone saying that evolt was a "tough" crowd
or something along those lines. We determined that the only way to know
if evolt was a friendly enviroment which provided real value and
community was to ask the community.

I have no idea why the questionaire didn't get off the ground.

- amanda

> Garrett's post struck a chord with me, and I think you may have
> misinterpreted it. When I came to evolt.org I didn't give much thought
> 'how it was run' but after while it became obvious that some of the
> were administrative types. I always want to be involved, but I felt
> the way Garrett worded it - but what that means to me is that these
> already had things in hand, and maybe they don't need some
> trying to push his way in. I don't see that as a negative comment,
just a
> reflection of my ALWAYS feeling like an outsider, whatever the group
is. My
> 'serf-ness' makes admin LOOK like a castle, when in fact, they're
making it
> clear now that they're the village square, and if we want to come join
> we're welcome.

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