[Theforum] re: Spoken Upingly ;-)

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Tue Oct 30 09:42:03 CST 2001

>>I'll pipe up eventually. :9
>Er...uh...ditto.  Seems I have a bit of catching up to do.

hi ben

that's not really necessary

sure, you could scour the archives, but that will only give you more
ammunition for shooting your self-confidence in the foot, because you will
find emotional and politically-charged posts and then you'll start
wondering what the "right" answer might be...

there is no right answer

the only background you need is your own experience with evolt -- what you
think of it, what you like and dislike about it, where you'd like to see it
go, how you think it should be run, and so on


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