[Theforum] culture-differences (was: Roll Call - Madhu)

Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Tue Oct 30 16:00:02 CST 2001

Javier Velasco [mantruc] wrote on 30/10/01 9:26 pm

>for the record i got no clue what Starbucks is about (don't care

The problem I have with them is that they make damned
good coffee - and it's the only place where I can consistently
get a coffee I like without spending 20 minutes explaining
that I want it strong, with only a small bit of milk.

Answer: Short, triple-shot latte. The proportions are just
right because there's not much space left for milk after all
that espresso.

(pet hates:
Apostrophising plurals like so: The computer's all run XP
'Expresso'. No, it's "e_s_presso, dammit")

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