[Theforum] culture-differences (was: Roll Call - Madhu)

Scott Dexter sgd at ti3.com
Tue Oct 30 16:56:16 CST 2001

> me too.  I'm a Texan like Dex, transplanted in Virginia for 

whoa, there, Tex. =)

I may live in Texas, but I dunno if I call myself a Texan. I mean, I do
adhere to the legal requirements of using "y'all" and its plural, "all
y'all" and this summer I finally got a TollTag, but a Texan? Nah, even
Bob's got me beat there, dontcha, mr cowboy boots?

I've bumped around a lot (east coast and west coast), but formative
years were in Southern California, and I guess I'm still pretty rooted
there, philosophically and politically (and fashionably). Technically,
I'm not even a Yankee (by the Texan definition, anyone not born in Texas
is a Yankee. By other American standards, it tends to be anyone born in
the relative north east part of the country) --I was born in North
Carolina (a Confederate state during the Civil War) ... but what does
this have to do with anything? I dunno. I'm reading theonion.com in
another window, if that shows you were my work duties leave me at the

> the moment.  I
> have traveled a lot, but not everywhere.  I like to learn as 
> much as I can


> about other contries and cultures.  So clue us in when we do 
> things or say
> things you do not understand.

+ the remaining 56.110238


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