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Erika Meyer emeyer at
Tue Oct 30 17:28:42 CST 2001

sgd wrote:

>(Starbucks is a franchise "gourmet" coffee chain, rooted in the Pacific
>Northwest --I think they're literally down the street from Microsoft.

Starbucks originated in Seattle, but is everyfuckingwhere.  They sell 
these big overpriced drinks in paper cups with pretty designs.  They 
move next to little independent coffee shops and try to put them out 
of biz.

A Seattle Starbucks got a window smashed at the WTO protest.  Gave 
the press something violent to talk about.

>They're as common as McDonald's.

and almost as evil...

>  check


If the best coffee you know is Starbucks', I am sorry.

I can find better, cheaper coffee than Starbucks, that is locally 
owned, and organically grown on cooperative farms.   And I do.

In the wee town of Arcata CA, you'll find just such an (shade-grown, 
organic, fair-trade) coffee shop every two blocks or so, many of them 
roasting their beans fresh on the premises.  And doing a damn good 
job of it.  They would run Starbucks out of town, just like they did 
with Taco Bell.

In Portland, it takes a bit more searching, but good fair-trade 
organic can be found in local shops.  A variety, not just one kind.

Fie on Starbucks, the big rainforest-flattening, corporate colonizing 
exploitive greed-heads.


PS FWIW, most admin people don't share my "cultural" point of view.
That is why it is especially important that I share.  ;-)

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