[Theforum] RE: Roll Call [Amanda]

A. Erickson amanda at gawow.com
Tue Oct 30 20:23:45 CST 2001

> Who are you?

Amanda Erickson, age 26. Birthday: May 28, 1975. Gemini. Portland,
Oregon, USA. http://gawow.com/mirror1.jpg

Try not to stalk me.

> What do you do?

Jesus -- what a dumb question. Who wrote these? 

I'm coming up on a year of being layed off from an Art Director position
at a company which is gone, baby, gone. You might guess that my company
provided "Strategic End-to-End Solutions" and you'd be right. I
scratched and clawed my way to a challenging job doing creative work and
then the economy went to poo. So, I've been reevaluating. I've been
doing some freelance work, calling the unemployment line and I just
recently started going back to school to study art. (First degree was in

> What do you want to do?

What don't I want to do? I see myself working in art and design on a
larger scale. I'm very interested in product design as well as interior
architecture. I'd love to get to a point professionally where people
will pay me to dabble in all sorts of stuff. 

I want to travel but I have a hard time deciding where -- every day I'm
enamored with a new location.

I want to work with my hands. I want to make stuff.

I want to get a bike and ride around the city.

> What has been your experience with evolt so far?

I was a monkeyjunkie and followed Adrian and Isaac over to help create
evolt because they are both so dreamy. My participation on thelist has
gone in cycles but lately is pretty nil -- mostly because my interest in
web is waning and the design threads, as have been noted, are lacking.
Not that I'm complaining. I start threads when I need them.

> Do you have a cat?

Yes. Oz. He's a black cat. http://gawow.com/rainyday/2000/gr/apt_oz.jpg

I also have a husband, Thom. Should I have mentioned him before the cat?

> Do you kick kittens?


> Got a URL?

http://gawow.com as in "Ga Wow!"

> If you limited yourself to one food for the rest of your life
> what would it be? 

You know, someone mentioned beer and I'm just going to have to raise a
glass to that. 

> Boxers or Thongs?

If I had to choose, I'd choose boxers. A thong does have its place
though... so to speak.

> If you got into a fight with Taylor, would you win?

Hard to say. I think I could mess him up a little bit and get in a few
good pops but, ultimately, I think I'd be toast.


- amanda

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