Wassup Dan? (WAS: [Theforum] Roll Call)

Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Wed Oct 31 09:14:49 CST 2001

At 07:31 PM 10/31/2001, you wrote:
>dan, nothing, nothing, frustration, tux, no, yes, plantains, why, i
>thought we were over taylor?

Whoa! Dan, you sound like you're in serious need of some Prozac [1], dude.

Is there something on your mind? It's probably a good idea to share it than 
keep it bottled up inside. When someone like *you*, who actually manages 
thelist, says that his "experience with evolt" is "frustration", it doesn't 
exactly motivate the rest of us, ya' know. And I wouldn't want the 
enthusiasm in theforum to die out.

I've been witnessing a fair bit of name calling and unwarranted sarcasm [2] 
in theforum lately, and I'm not sure why all this is happening. I do know 
that it's probably not *necessary*. Let's try and sort out our differences 
objectively and logically, eh? The easy way to do this to discuss a 
person's ideas and opinions, and not the person himself/herself.



[1] Prozac: American brand name for an anti-depressant drug
[2] Sarcasm: derived from a Greek word that literally means "to tear the 
flesh". Whoever said "sarcasm is the highest form of wit" probably didn't 
have many friends. ;)

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