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At 07:31 PM 10/31/2001, you wrote:
>Madhu, have you heard these stereotypes from Evolt people, or from
>Americans in general?

Never mind. This list isn't appropriate for such a discussion. And I'd hate 
wasting precious bandwidth over it. But no, definitely not from Evolt 
people. If anything, due to the global spread of thelist, I'd say the 
members are probably more clued-in than most people. Heck, Isaac and I have 
been exchanging recipes offlist, and he lives in Oz. (Speaking of which, 
Isaac told me about food.evolt.org and I'm very excited about it. Time to 
publicise it a bit, eh?)

>(wtf is elephant polo? you'd be needing some LONG sticks...)

LOL. No, it doesn't exist. I was asked this question by the resident of 
another country when I was there.
And oh, a favourite "compliment" I got was "Your English is pretty good", 
to which I'd reply, "so is yours!". :P

>average.  We all have our points of view, but I haven't seen THAT
>much stereotyping going on.  Teasing, yes.

I agree. See above comment about clued-in Evolt people :)

>Stereotyping... not so much.

Yeah, I agree. Oh, and it's Hank Azaria that does the voice of Appu in The 
Simpsons, OK? ;)
He's probably never even seen an Indian. :(

>See the kids eating the paint chips?

I get CNN here. They don't show much of that though. :)

>bite me!

Oooh! Sounds inviting. :P
If it weren't such a well-known put-down, it might actually be, er, 

<voice type="deep Barry White">

Oooh, Bite me. Bite me, baby.


Enough clowning on my part. This belongs on thechat.


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