[Theforum] Demographics

Dean Mah dmah at shaw.ca
Tue Nov 6 14:07:00 CST 2001

That's fine too but I'd like the wording to specifically ask about
topics of interest so that we know which threads to instigate or which
articles we need to write so that the community gets more involved.
And hopefully we can draw more members that way.

For example, I've heard numerous times now that thelist isn't design
oriented and that members would never recommend the list for design
questions.  Is that the same 5 people talking or does everyone agree?
Could we get more referrals by writing more design articles/threads?
Are these people willing to write/start them?


Luther, Ron writes:

> Maybe the best balance would be to throw a catch-all text area on
> the end ... "Tell us anything you wanted to tell us that we were too
> dumb to leave you a spot for to tell us with ... right heah!"

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