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isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Mon Nov 12 15:39:43 CST 2001

(moving this to theforum)

for those theforum'ers new to this thread: an author has proposed an article
in german. we currently have some people with german fluency who could
handle editing/reviewing the article. rudy's suggestion appears to be that
we move forward with non-english languages in some sense until our CMS has
the ability to handle multiple languages (in whichever form).

this action is to avoid deterring this author, and potentially others.

we are, by definition, an international community and, as such, (IMHO)
should definitely consider any means by which we can accommodate non-english
speaking users. exact implemention is to be determined.



are you suggesting that as an interim measure we allow adding of non-english
articles amongst the english ones?

perhaps denoted by:

"This is the Article Title (German)"

And then a brief disclaimer at the top of the article that tells
less-than-aware members the language being used and then links to maybe a
FAQ piece that details plans to encourage authors to write for non-english

if so, i'm +1 on moving forward with that. are we likely to run into issues
with character sets? what languages can we currently handle? javier?

what can't we handle? (greek, russian, chinese, japanese, etc?)


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