[Theforum] langs

spinhead evolt at spinhead.com
Mon Nov 12 19:58:19 CST 2001

I couldn't even begin to choose one to reply to, so starting fresh:

Isn't this exactly the kind of question that should be addressed AFTER a
survey? How many potential users are there who speak another language better
than they speak English? If there's a large community of
non-English-speakers ready to write and read articles, great. I'll polish up
my German, learn a little Icelandic, whatever. Or, I'll babelfish it and get
the gist.

But why don't we wait until we know something's broken before we work too
hard to fix it. I certainly don't object to other languages. I just won't
benefit from them. At all. (I speak Spanish just fine, and enough German to
get by, but I'll never ever read a technical document in either language.)


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