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> So you might see (on an article):
> ---
> Also available in: German, French.
> Translations required: Spanish, Greek, or Other. (link to FAQ calling for
> volunteer translations).
> ---

I'd suggest doing this graphically instead.  We can convey
languages by writing Deutsch, Francais, Espanol etc but the
additional stuff would require more words than we have.

'Lit' flags and 'unlit' greyed-out flags might do the trick.

Prolly too much detail for this stage of the conversation, but
what the hey.


<tip type="I18n, layout">
Almost no languages are as horizontally concise as 
English.  Start changing the language of the navigation 
and the layout'll get shot to shit really quickly. Unless
it's planned out in advance, that is.

"Horizontally concise".  /me smirks - English is kinda 
cool.  You can't do that in French :-)

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