[Theforum] Re: langs

Warden, Matt mwarden at mattwarden.com
Mon Nov 12 21:09:48 CST 2001

isaac wrote:
>WRT your remark about comments/ratings, you'll note that I've never said
>that I'd rather have an article with 10 ratings than no article at all.

So, if we seem to be going with the "if it's good for some, let's
approve" mentality, why do you reject "shitty" English articles?

There was a javascript tutorial rejected in the past that certainly would
have been helpful to someone. But, we rejected it because, in general, it
was considered sub-par and wouldn't help the community.

I kind of see this as the same thing. I didn't agree with rejecting that
article, but if that's what we decided to do...

So, are you saying that an article with little use to the community as a
whole is now an acceptable article?

Just trying to get things straight here.

Sorry, I really don't understand the objection to always having an English
version (*is* that the objection?)...


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