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A. Erickson amanda at
Mon Nov 12 21:13:22 CST 2001

> I disagree with (someone's) posted implication that comments 
> etc. could act as a review for non-English articles. All 
> articles should be subjected to the same QA routine. If we 
> can't provide the same quality checks in other languages, 
> responsibility for quality in those areas falls entirely on 
> the writers rather than with some administrative body. (If we 
> can't read the articles, we can't even begin to judge quality 
> and content. Babelfishing works for general concepts, but you 
> can't review an article in a language you don't read. Period.)
> Are we more concerned about quality or multi-lingualness?

While I watch this discussion on language spin around (and try to
determine what my own thoughts are on it) I wanted to pull this out.

The admin group has never really decided what a quality article is. I
think we need to have a good discussion (still) on it before we make
these kinds of changes regarding foreign language articles. (Not that we
should discontinue discussing it at all but before implementation). 

Although, I think to be fair, the admin group does know a good article
when it sees it, it just never nailed down what to do with those that
fall in the middle. What to do with poor articles. (Poor could equal
grammer or organization or failure to support a thesis, whatever, etc.)

- amanda

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