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isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Mon Nov 12 21:33:51 CST 2001

> So, if we seem to be going with the "if it's good for some, let's
> approve" mentality, why do you reject "shitty" English articles?

I don't.

> So, are you saying that an article with little use to the community as a
> whole is now an acceptable article?

I'm saying that an article targetted to an assumed minority (speakers of
Spanish perhaps) could do cool things for expanding our community and
building new cross-country friendships.

> Sorry, I really don't understand the objection to always having an English
> version (*is* that the objection?)...

Don't get me wrong -- I would hope that we can have English versions to
accompany all others wherever possible, but I wouldn't hold back on
approving a German article (for example) if we were 2 weeks away from
getting a companion article in English done. If the German article sits
there with no efforts at translation for 6 months, and no one is willing to
translate it, then fair enough.

There's nothing wrong with planning in advance to launch an OtherLanguageX
article with an English one wherever possible. I'd call that an optimal
scenario, but not a requirement.


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