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Excellent. In case I'm not being clear, I'm definitely pro a multilingual

There's some discussion re: whether or not to insist on English
translations. In the case you mention (and similar cases) wouldn't a
translation be almost a prerequisite to getting a consensus on article
quality before posting? (fuzzy on current review process)


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> > Are we more concerned about quality or multi-lingualness?
> I think we're going to aim for both, but not abandon our level of quality.
> The admin pool of reviewers will inevitably be expanded to ensure that we
> don't blindly approve content based on babelfish's translation!
> As an example, for the proposed German article which has sparked this, we
> have a founding admin (Wolfgang) and Rudy's brother (long-time lurker on
> thelist) who is fluent in German also.
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